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Tardis bird feeder

Part orange juice carton, part time machine, part bird feeder.

This project came from the BBC children’s show Blue Peter. The latest Dr Who – Matt Smith himself – turned out to show how it was done. Here are the instructions.

The templates were tricky to print out. Try and scale them to fill the whole width of the A4 paper. My first few goes came out too small. We probably shouldn’t have finished the job off with blue spray paint (our local shops didn’t have any acrylic on Bank Holiday Monday). The birds didn’t seem too keen on the smell of drying solvent. Hopefully that will fade away soon. And it may have been a case of the father being keener than the son. My four-and-a-half-year-old wasn’t too sure who Dr Who was.

UPDATE 1: As of Sept 2, actual birds have been seen using the feeder. No deaths from ingesting the paint reported yet.

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